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Ballerina Diaries Chapter 3: Can I be the next Anna Pavalova???.. By Muskan Jain

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In the picture : Muskan Jain giving her 1st preparatory ballet exam.

Ever since I first saw her do the ballet,

Her grace, her poise, her beauty left me in awe!

I aspire to be the next Anna Pavalova…

I want to be “The Ballerina” without a flaw.

Leotards, stockings, ballets and the tutu,

I imagined myself twisting and turning the whole stage through.

So I got after my mother, to find me a ballet class

She searched and searched and found one at last.

“Hold your head high, stomach-in, back straight, lower your shoulders

Stand tall! Don’t look like boulders”,

Gently reminds my teacher in every class!

“You have to look graceful, elegant and poised my ‘lass”!

Words like “Arm Bra Bas”; “Rond de jambe”; “frappe”; “jettes” are

what I breathe these days!

Practice, practice till I perfect every move and get the sway, I will be the next Pavalova….

Anna, I am coming your way!!!!

Blogs written by students of Bombay Ballet Company

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