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Pre Ballet girls

About Ballet

What is Ballet?
Ballet is a Classical Dance Form – the Root of ALL Western Dance Forms like Jazz, Contemporary, or even hip-hop. Very similar to Indian Classical Dances like Bharat Natyam, Kathak or Kuchipudi it is highly technical, requiring years of extensive practice and guidance under competent professional teachers.

Classical ballet originated in Europe, and primarily matured in France, Italy & Russia. It is hugely popular all over the world. It is taught at exclusive, prestigious ‘ballet schools’ all over Europe, America and also South East Asia. Ballet productions (full-scale stage shows featuring ballet choreography, music, sets & costumes) by such dance companies and ballet schools are watched by millions around the world.

What can Ballet give your Child?
As a Classical Dance Form, Ballet can be a vital tool in your child’s growing years. It has transformed our
students from shy, nervous and body-conscious kids into confident, energetic teens.

Discipline: Ballet is demanding. It requires consistent, focused practice. Our students regularly put in 3-4
days a week, every week in their classes.

Exposure: Ballet is still a fledgling dance style in India. Students who learn this are exposed to a lot of
western classical music, the French language and well as Italian history exposing them to a
world few here are aware of.

Physical, Mental & Emotional Development: The rigorous training teaches students perseverance,
patience, determination and faith. It forces them out of their comfort zone, and pushes them to face
their fears and weaknesses.

Creative Expression: It is an outlet for your child’s creativity. Ballet requires imagination and analytical
ability along with strength and stamina.

Confidence: Performing on Stage, Learning difficult routines, Overcoming physical weaknesses and
making new friends – all adds up to a happier and more confident child.

Why BBC Certified Ballet?
Dance is not our day-time job, it is our full-time passion.

# We are the only Ballet School in Mumbai to be affiliated to an International Ballet School –

Ballet Manila, in the Philippines

# Our teachers receive extensive training from Ballet Manila and bring that information directly to
our students

# We follow an Exhaustive, Professional Curriculum set to International Standards
# We hold Certified Examinations conducted by the Artistic Director of Ballet Manila, deserving
students get Summer Scholarships to Ballet Manila.
# Our Students regularly perform at prestigious events in Mumbai and around the country.

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