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Ballerina Diaries Chapter 1: The Pointe of Ballet By Ayesha Menezes

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Blogs written by students of Bombay Ballet Company

My journey started in 2011 when I became one of the ninety students that started out as RHF's (Rhythmus Happyfeet - a dance school for kids) first!

I was only three years old but the minute I stepped into the studio, I never stopped dancing. It was clear to see that I had a passion for dance. My mother too has a passion for dance and I willingly followed in her footsteps. I started with ‘creative movement’ which is a dance class for toddlers that taught me flexibility and Ballet basics, among so much else that helped me progress to Pre-Ballet classes at the age of 5. I continued with creative movement simultaneously but found myself drawn more and more to Ballet. When I turned seven, I chose to focus on Ballet and slowly made my way up to the advanced class. It has been 7 years and I find that dance and Ballet in particular has shaped my personality in many ways. It’s given me the discipline needed to work hard and be consistent, it’s given me tremendous flexibility and more than anything, I feel like there is no genre I cannot put my hand to – once you’ve done Ballet, it opens up a world of possibilities. I wanted to explore the art of contemporary dance and so I did and found that it just flowed naturally for me. Ballet’s discipline and technique has helped me adapt and progress in a way I had not imagined! I won my first All India prize this year at the Mosaic All India Competition in Delhi, for a Contemporary duet with Aashana Sanghani and I know I owe much of it to my Ballet background! For me dance has been one of my biggest gifts and is now a huge part of who I am! I continue my journey with Ballet knowing that it continues to shape me and help me discover myself. I guess that’s the whole pointe of Ballet!


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