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5 Ballet Movies you must watch

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Every aspect of ballet is equally enthralling and watching ballet movies is one of those. Over the past few decades’ movies have brought the world of ballet closer to dancers and to its audiences, revealing the passion and the journey of ballet dancers. Movies are inspiring, educating and relatable to an extent that they become a part of a learning experience. So, here’s a list of 6 ballet movies that you must watch for an enriching experience.

1. Billy Elliot (2000)

This one tops my list of recommended ballet movies because it addresses the sensitivity revolving around ballet. The movie is based in 1984, during the strike against the shutting of the British coal mines. That’s when 11-year-old Billy discovers his love for ballet. Despite being ridiculed for his choice and questions raised about his masculinity, Billy succeeds in the ballet world and gains recognition. Here’s one of my favorite dialogues from the movie.

“Can I ask you, Billy, what does it feel like, when you’re dancing”

Billy- I don’t know…It’s sort of stiff and that… but once I get going, then I like forget everything….and sort of disappear. I feel a change in my whole body like there’s a fire in my body. I am just there, a bird…like electricity.

2. Barbie in the pink shoes (2013)-

Listen to the beat of your heart…Keep on dancing…keep on dancing

If you dance with your heart, all your dreams can come true…Barbie in the pink shoes is a perfect movie for children, which showcases this strong message through the journey of the ballerina Kristin. With legendary performances from Swan lake ballet and Giselle, Kristin defeats the evil Snow Queen of the mystical ballet world, where she reaches after wearing the pink ballet shoes.

3. An American Girl- Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight (2014)

If you are determined and hard-working, nothing can really stop you from shining and being in the spotlight.

This movie revolves around Isabelle, a 9-year-old aspiring ballerina, who finds courage to discover her own path among several talented dancers in her performing arts school. Despite a few setbacks and challenges in keeping up with her classmates, she never loses faith in her dream to be a part of the Summer program at the New York City School of American Ballet.

4. LEAP/Ballerina (2016)

LEAP is a perfect blend of ballet, animation, and melodious songs…which makes it one of my favorite ballet movies. Although it is a children’s movie, there’s a lot that all ballet dancers can learn from the story of the little orphan girl Felicie, who dreams to become a ballerina and finally gets to perform the Nutcracker with the principal ballerina at the Royal Opera.

I don’t have the perfect lines,

No.. I don’t have the perfect time

I know I’m not perfect fine…But I know just what it takes

These lines have inspired all my petit ballerinas to dream big and will continue to do so…

5. Hope Dances (2017)

This is movie is recommended for parents as much as for children who aspire to become dancers. That’s because, sometimes parents tend to push their children into doing things that they want rather than what their children want. Based on this premise, Hope Dances is a movie about a little girl who excels in dancing as well as in baseball. Hope finally takes a decision of following her dreams and prepares for the auditions of the Nutcracker Ballet.

You can find some of these movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as YouTube. Besides these, there’s a bunch of other movies as well as documentaries that you can watch. Just pick one, and start watching. Enjoy!

Written by: Shraddha Rupavate

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