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How Parents can help their child for an upcoming ballet performance

Parents can play an important role in the child’s dance journey that will enhance their confidence and skills to help them reach their dance goals.

Here is how parents can best foster their child’s abilities and help them perform better in their ballet recital:

  • Encouraging Home Practice: Help your kids keep the music piece ready and available for them to listen and study it thoroughly. Help them memorize the steps well by video graphing them or encouraging them to do so. Once the movements are memorized, they can now spend more time cleaning their moves, adding expressions, and working on the finer details. By bringing ballet home, parents can help cultivate a habit of practice outside the class environment which ensures they do their homework on time to stay on track for teachers' next corrections. However, to receive more corrections in order to fine-tune the performance, would only make sense when basic corrections are worked upon.

  • Regular Attendance: There are times when kids may want to skip classes and take a break, but it is imperative that parents urge them to remain consistent. Ballet classes have a multitude of benefits, and attending on a regular basis will ensure that their learning is on track. Ballet helps develop important skills such as body alignment, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. All of which develops as a result of being consistent and regular.

  • Ensuring Proper Attire & Footwear: From carefully crafted leotards to the perfect pair of pointe shoes, these pieces of clothing and accessories form the foundation of a dancer’s performance. The correct ballet dance attire is designed to be comfortable yet form-fitting, allowing a dancer to move freely, offer comfort and support for long practice sessions. Moreover, ballet attire can help students move and stretch allowing for a full range of motion.

  • A Healthy Lifestyle: Help your child eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and stay hydrated for them to perform better. Offer nutritious meals and snacks that are full of essential vitamins and minerals to support their natural growth and development. Encourage them to take breaks between rigorous practices to ensure adequate rest and hydration. Healthy eating habits will improve their overall stamina and endurance through the day not just for ballet but other activities too.

Ballet can be challenging, both physically and mentally, thus it is important to recognize and celebrate your child’s smallest accomplishments. Acknowledge and show appreciation for the commitment and hard work and remind them that the rewards will come with time and dedication.

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