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BBC Virtual Show Highlights

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Technology has had a significant impact on the world of dance, enabling new ways of creating, performing, educating, and sharing dance. One such beautiful experience our students had was the pleasure to experience our Winter Virtual Show 2022 in mid December.

Recitals for kids can be a great way to showcase their hard work and achievements with friends and family. Our students participated from various parts of India namely Pune, Mysore, Gurugram: Delhi, Bangalore, Kerala and more. Our students, teachers and staff worked hard to make our recital a success.

Students learnt their choreographies through online lessons held via Google Meet and constant video sharing has helped teachers track their progress. Video sharing by kids has been a huge learning experience for our tiny aspiring dancers and has helped boost their confidence. Feedback via video sharing encourages the child to self reflect on their own performance and focus on specific areas for improvement.

The students had one month for preparation and an opportunity to take classes that were oriented towards performance. It was a joyous display of students and teachers' hard work and determination. We congratulate the students on their beautiful performance! Bombay Ballet Company is beaming with pride, and we can't wait to see what amazing feat our students will bring in the upcoming year.

A big thank you to our Ballet teachers for performing and being an inspiration to our students.

We express our gratitude to our founder Deepika Ravindran for arranging all of it, Tahera Pitalwalla & Vedika Phadke for endless coordination and admin work, to our phenomenal host Mrunmai Menon, Jeny Gada & Hitesh Chauhan for their lovely video edits.

A big thank you to the lovely parents who keep supporting their kids and believing in us.

Final Thoughts

Online recitals have a few unique perks that can make them a great option in any season.

First, family and friends from all over the world can tune in and cheer on these young dancers . This is extra validating for music students as the network of people who will be directly encouraging them in their dance journey will grow.

Second, students who experience performance anxiety may find it easier to perform in front of a camera, especially if they know they can shoot the video a few times until they get a shot they are proud of before sending it in.

Want To Join Us?

So what are you waiting for! Your child doesn’t necessarily have to live in a big city to get access to highly trained Ballet teachers. You can live in any part of the world or a remote town. All your child needs is a stable Internet connection and a will to learn.

Join our regular lessons conducted by International Ballerinas and get trained in ballet basics.

Watch our Virtual Recital by our students:

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